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My skin deposit did not go through what should I do?

If you deposited with SKF Pay, you need to keep the widget open till it has redirected you. Otherwise we cannot process your deposit.
Solution: Head over to and click on the activity page in the navigation menu. You will most likely see a pending transaction which you can cancel for your credits on SKF Back.

No, we packaged together skins ourselves to offer case openings that are more rewarding and more fun to open than what valve or any other case site offers.
Withdraw requests can be tracked by going to the history tab in the main menu, and then clicking on the trade history tab next. This will list all your trades and the status of it.
Make sure you add funds to your account by going here ( You can use paypal to pay with cash or SKFPAY to pay with skins. Then go to any case you can afford and press open case!
The colors you see are based on the value of the skin relative to the price of the case it is in. So a skin with a yellow border is valued way more than the price of the case it is in.
Not all wears of skins are available and if they are they might be very uncommon and hard to obtain. So we offer what skins are easy to re-stock and try to make the odds as fun for the user as possible.
In case creator you can choose the skins and odds you want in your case. We automatically price the case using simple statistics and expected value. You can add on a tax to your case and link it to others to profit off your case. We display the top opened cases on our front page and in case browser. You can also feature your case for 24 hours by paying a $10 feature fee. This will put your case on our front page and in the case browser section under featured cases.
The odds for CSGOLives bundled cases are great and better than any other case opening site. Also if you do not like the odds in our cases, feel free to use the case creator feature to make your own cases and open them!
It means this item is not available at the moment. We re-stock our items every 2-3 hours and do our best to keep a stocked inventory. If you do not want to wait for a re-stock you can always withdraw to skfpay and withdraw an equivalent in stock item they carry.
Yes you must purchase $5 site credit with either paypal or skfpay to enable withdrawal.
We update pricing on skins every day and this might cause your case prices to change as the price of your case depends on the skins it contains.
If you are a youtuber with at least 20,000 subs or 10,000 views per video please email with your channel name and let us know you are interested!

function getCasePercentage(outcome_hash)
    var sub_hash = "";
	//we loop through the hash and use 5 chars to calculate a number (0.00-100.00)
    for(var i = 0; i < outcome_hash.length; ++i)
        sub_hash += outcome_hash[i];

        if(sub_hash.length > 7)
            var num = parseInt(sub_hash, 16);

            if((num != NaN))
                return (num % 1000001) / 10000.0;

            sub_hash = "";

	//if we fail to find 5 suitable chars we return 0%
    return 0.0;

	All cases you buy already have the winning item in them before you hit purchase, this can be proven with the following logic.

var case_secret = ""; //the case secret shown after purchase
var case_salt = "";	//the case salt shown after purchase
var case_hash = ""; //the hash of the case secret and the salt shown before you buy the case
var steam_id = ""; //your steam id to make sure that you actually have influence in the result

//before you buy a case we show a hash of the secret and the salt, you can confirm that the outcome has already been decided before you buy the case by rehashing the salt and secret
var hash = keccak_512.create();

var case_hash_calculated = hash.hex();

console.log("shown hash:", case_hash);
console.log("actual hash:", case_hash_calculated);
if(case_hash_calculated !== case_hash)
	//the case_hash shown was altered!
	console.log("invalid case hash!");
	//all good, lets calculate the outcome
	//hash steam_id and the case_secret

	//notice: we don't use the hash to actually calculate the result, the hash is just to prove that the secret has not been generated after you bought the case!
	var outcome = keccak_512.create();

	var outcome_hash = outcome.hex();

	console.log("percentage:", getCasePercentage(outcome_hash));